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Leaky Windshield Repair

Parts Needed:
1-Roll Masking tape
1-Caulking Gun
1-Tube (Lg) Black Silicone (Home Repair or Hardware Store)
1 Windex
1 Paper Towels
This is an Outside The Windshield Repair.
First clean both the windshield and rubber around the windshield.
Then we are going to mask around the inside or below the rubber strip
about 1/8 to 1/4" from the edge all around on the windshield.
Then mask about 1/8" back (on the rubber gasket) all the way around.
Cut the tip of the tube of silicone at a 45 degree angle and face the angle up.

*The next two steps must be done quickly so as to not let the silicone skin up.

Run a bead of silicone (Not real thick) around the area between where you masked.
Then with your finger lightly run it (finger) around on top of the silicone bead.
This will press the silicone against the windshield and gasket snugly.
Also making a nice seal and giving the silicone a finished look
Now Immediately Remove the Masking tape. Pull up as straightly as you can.

You should wait 12 hrs and repeat the above procedure. This time masking and
using your silicone on the rubber gasket between the gasket and the sheet metal.

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