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Fall & Winter Specials

Hose Kit (1977 - 1984 Rabbit / Jetta
Full Hose Set & Thermostat


Glow Plug Kit

4-New Bosch Fast Glow Plugs
1-Fast Relay
1-50 Amp Fuse


Motor Re Build Kit Includes

Pistons (.020 or .040 oversize)
Complete Gasket Set
Oil Pump
Intermediate Shaft Bearings
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Tensioner Pulley
Head Bolts (11 mm or 12 mm)
Timing Belt
4 Freeze plugs

Non Turbo $695.95

Turbo Kit $795.95

All Parts OEM !

Timing Belts-----------------------------------$22.95
Valve Cover Gasket Sets ------------------------$5.95
Cam Locking Tool ------------------------------$20.95
Injection Pump Locking Tool ---------------------$10.95

New Glow Plugs ---------------------------------$12.95 ea.
New Glow Plug Relay -------------------------$39.95 ea.

Oil Filters ------A1's---------------------------$6.95 ea.
Air Filters ------A1's----------------------------$7.95 ea.
Fuel Filters ------A1's----------------------------$10.95 ea.

New Water Pumps ------------------------------------------$35.50
Re-Built Injectors --All Parts New (except case)---$49.95 ea.
* Injectors Come With New Heat Shields
Injector Balance Line ---------------------------------$3.00 per ft.

Re-Maunfactured Inj. Pumps 1977 - 1984 Non Turbo's ---------------------------$395.00
Re-Maunfactured Inj. Pumps 1985 - 1992 Non Turbo's ---------------------------$425.00
Re-Maunfactured Inj. Pumps, Turbo's------------------$495.00
Complete Clutch Kits (including the centering tool) -$105.95

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