Turbo Diesel Motor!

* Note Availability Is Spotty....

Pricing below.

Core Information :
If you do not have a core motor
of like kind (true turbo motor) the following will apply :
Core Charge Complete Motor $650.00
Core Charge Long Block $400.00
Core Charge Short Block $250.00

No Exceptions On The Core Charges !

Complete Motor To Include The Below:

1.6 TURBO Diesel Motors

* Note*

The 1990- 1992 ECOdiesel Is A Full Turbo Motor
With The Only Difference Being The Injection Pump.
Pricing Below Is Applicable To The ECO. If A Complete
Motor Is Purchased We Do Supply The Correct Injection

To Include:

1-Rebuilt Block
A-Cleaned & Checked.
B-Bored & Honed.
C-Pistons & Rings.
D-Bearing- Main, Rod, Intermediate Shaft.
F- New Oil Pump

2-Head With: (True Turbo Diesel Head)
A-Inspection for Straightness.
B-Pressure Tested.
C-New Seals.
D-Valves Replaced as Needed.
F-Springs Replaced as Needed.
G-Guides Replaced as Needed.
H-Valves Adjusted. (If Mechanical)

3-New Gaskets & Seals as Needed.
Including the proper Head Gasket
and Valve Cover Gasket Set.

4-Accessories to include:
A-Oil Pan.
B-Valve Cover.
D-Intermediate Shaft.
E-Oil Pump.
Above Long Block At $2995.00 Mechanical Or Hydraulic
As an Option we can include with the Above:
1-Rebuilt Injection Pump.
2-Rebuilt Injectors.
3-Lines. (from pump to injectors)
4-Glow Plugs.
5-New Timing Belt.
6-Motor Timed and ready to start.
8-Turbo Exhaust
9-Turbo Intake
Above At $3995.00 Mechanical Or Hydraulic

If you have an other wise healthy motor, good head, and
all accessories, but the motor is using a Lot of oil, then a
short block will solve your problem !

Turbo Short Block (No Head, Mechanical, or Hydraulic)

$2495.00 Shipping included

Shipping, Yellow Freight, Included To Any Of The Lower 48 States

If you have a Rebuildable Block let us know.
We can make arrangements to have it picked
up and returned to us.

We Do Need: (Core's)
2-Injection Pump
3-Turbo Injectors
4-Turbo W/Exhaust
5-Turbo Intake

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