Prefered -

TDC (Top Dead Center) Tool

Top Dead Center should be checked when doing
a head gasket. If you are not the original
owner of the car, the head gasket may not be
the correct one. Shops are notorious for using
the 3 notch gasket, rather that taking the time
to “do it right”. Correct thickness (1, 2, or 3 notch for the
1.6, or 2, 3, 4, or 5, notch for the 1.5)
notch will give optimum compression, and the best
starting winter, and summer.

This tool is also a necessity when building a motor,
as you will need TDC for not only the correct head
gasket, but for setting mechanical and injection pump timing.

$49.95 With Out The Dial Indicator

Timing Belt Tensioner.

Pictured below, is the correct tool, with lugs to
engage the holes in the tensioner.

(New tensioner not included,
we do stock them at $22.50.)

$28.95 ea.

Injection Pump Timing Tools!

Using the below two tools you can
use Your Own common dial indicator
to set the Injection Pump Timing.
Instructions included.

Detailed Information


Shown below is the regular American "inch"
style indicator. Teamed up with the special
adapters, our conversion chart, and instructions
you can easily set the Injection Pump Timing on
any of the VW Diesel Motors!
Instructions included.

Detailed Information

Complete at $129.95

Valve Seal Setting Tool

If you are doing a head re build you will find
you can’t really seat the valve seals without
a special tool. This will do the job.

$19.95 ea.

Timing Belt Replacement Tools

Injection Pump Locking Tool (Round) $14.95

Cam Locking Tool $24.95

Timing belt Replacement "How To"

Tool For Removal Of The Injection Pump Gear $75.95

Tool For Removal & Instalation Of The
Exhaust "C" Clamps

Head Gasket Installation Aid - Head Studs Package Of 2

These Handy Studs Prevent The Head Gasket From Slipping
As The Head is Set Down On The Gasket. Easily Removed With
A Pencil Magnet.

TDI Tools 1999 and up Jetta, Passat, Golf
and Beetle Used For Setting The Timing and
Changing The Timing Belt.

# 1 Sprocker Buster $59.95
# 2 Injection Pump Locking Tool $24.95
# 3 Cam Sprocket Puller $79.95
# 4 Cam Locking Tool $39.95
# 5 1/4 " Drive Stubby 5 mm Valve Cover Tool $19.95
# 7 Timing Belt Tensioner Tool $28.95
# 8 Oil Pan Mag Drain Plug $7.95
# 9 Oil Pan Mag Drain Plug For Alum Pans $8.95