Tech Help

VW Diesel Parts
357 Conn Rd
West Union, OH 45693
Fax 937-217-7060

05 25 11

Customers have noticed us not answering the phone,
going straight to voice mail . We have run our Web Business since 1993,
and have been in business since 1985 and we have always answered your tech
questions with pleasure . As of late we seldom, if ever receive so much as a
"thanks", and many folks are using us for tech, then buying from the cheapest
source they can find. Also some will even contact us to ask for support After
buying from another company ! We are still very busy with our corporate sales
as well as building motors for our customers and other business accounts.
E-mail us for orders, and request we call (give the number, best time to call
and what part - EST, PST etc. - of the country you are in) if you need help Placing
An Order. If you feel we can assist with a part will be glad to answer tech questions.