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Timing Belt Tips

Step by step:
1- Remove the Valve cover (you will need a new V.C Gasket set.
2- Remove the plug on the Transmission so you can see the flywheel move.
2a-Remove the upper and the lower Timing Belt Covers. Top is Metal, Bottom is Plastic.
3-You will need to turn the motor over by hand, using the center bolt on the crank. (BTW. NEVER Turn Backwards)
4-Turn till you see both of the (left side) cam lobes come up. At this time you will be looking for the "O" or "<>" to come up on the Flywheel.
5-We are beginning to establish TDC.
6-At TDC, you will need to lock up the Cam (Rt. side of cam has a slot , use the correct tool (we stock them), or a flat piece of steel.
7-Now, at the Injection Pump, you will see some large and small holes in the GEAR on the Pump. The Small hole (toward front of motor) will accept a Large Dia. Pin. We have the correct tool (these are also in stock), you may have to improvise. This to lock up the pump so it does not move! The pump Gear also has a notch on it that will correspond with a notch on the mount. This prevents you from being 180 degrees off.
8-Go to the underside of the motor, and on the small crank gear paint a dot, then one on the Oil Pan (these for reference to see if the crank moves when you put on the new belt)
9-Now, go to the idler and slacken it then, remove the belt.
10-Trial and error will get the new belt on. Do Not ,Do Not allow the belt to go on even 1 tooth off.
11-Correct tension is grasping the belt along the gap space, between thumb and forefinger and not being able to rotate quite 90 degrees.
12-Turn motor over once by hand, tap the belt at gap. Repeat last one more time then check to see if the tension is the same as it was.
13-Make sure idler bolt is tight.
14-Re-assy. all parts with mentioned New Valve Cover Gasket Set.
15-Belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles of Three Years.


Below 2 Pages, Shows The Timing Belt Procedure From The
The Shop Manual (If you "right click" each page, you can
download and save them, these are JEPG's)

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