p1 - Side view picture of my VW '81 LX Diesel Pickup. In the background is my 4-door '81 VW Rabbit Diesel.

p2 - Picture of the old engine and its 5-speed transmission after I removed it from the truck. As you can see, I removed the injection pump, water pump, alternator & anything else that might get in the way in the engine/transmission removal process.

p3 - Rebuilt short block on an engine stand after I installed the intermediate shaft pulley, injection pump bracket, water pump/housing, oil filter mounting flange, and the brake servo vacuum pump.

p4 - p3 Plus injection pump, side engine mount and head gasket.

p5 - p4 Plus head, fuel injectors, glow plugs and sensors.

p6 - Completed putting together the rebuilt engine and transmission. Ready to drop it back in.

p7 - Front corner view of my '81 VW LX Diesel Pickup after I installed the rebuilt engine and had it running. All the work that I put into the project was very rewarding after I fired-up the engine.