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Attention :

As Of This Date (05 03 10) We Have A Limited Amount Of Core (Mechanical)
Motors In Stock That We Can Sell On An Exchange Basis . IF You Have A Good Core Motor


Shipping Is Included With The Motor Pricing Listed Below
(Lower 48 Only, We Can Ship To Canada, Alaska,
Hawaii, And Other Countries, However We Must
Obtain A Shipping Quote.)


We Only Re-Build The VW Diesel Motor, Not Gas
Or Air Cooled, Only VW Diesels! If You Are In The Market
For A Replacement Motor We Will Be Able To Supply What You
Require, Quickly & Professionally !

As We Are A Re Manufacturer Of Motors And Heads And Sell WholeSale
To The Public, With The Yellow Freight Package You Can
Buy From Us, Including Shipping, In Most Cases Cheaper
Than You Could Locally.

Add The Above To The Fact That We Offer Free Tech. Support
6 Days A Week, At Least 3 Times Daily, Via E-Mail, And We Don't
Think You Will Find Any Better Place To Buy!!!


Note - Below supercedes any and all other prices!

1.5 Re Built Heads $395.00
1.6 Re Built Heads $395.00 11 mm.
1.6 Re Built Heads $395.00 12 mm
1.6 Re Built Turbo Heads (Mechanical & Hydraulic) $495.00
1.6 Re Built Turbo Heads (Hydraulic) $495.00
1.6 Re Built Injection Pumps Non Turbo's $395.00
1.6 Re Built Injection Pumps Turbo $495.00
* Note* Regular UPS Shipping Applies To Above!

For The Serious Mechanic "The Kit" 1.6 Kit Motor

Turbo Motors Click Here

Mechanical Motors

Short Block (no head) $1495.00
Long Block $1795.00
Complete Motor $2495.00

Shipping Is Included .

Pictures And What Is Included Below !

Hydraulic Motors

Long Block $1925.00
Complete Motor $2725.00

Shipping Is Included .

Pictures And What Is Included Below !

Complete Motor Pictured Below.

* Installation Now Available *
We are now able to offer drive in (or tow), in, drive out, installation of our motors. If you would like a quote, please let us know, we will need all the required information, Year, Model, A/C etc. Over night accommodations (extra), can be arranged, if needed. At the time, if you need A/C work (change over to R-134 ?), brake work etc., we can also offer these services as well.

1.6 Non-Turbo VW Diesel Re-Built Motors.

1-Rebuilt Block
A-Cleaned & Checked.
B-Bored & Honed.
C-Pistons & Rings.
D-Bearings Main,
Intermediate Shaft.
F- New Oil Pump (* Note * Vanagon See Below)

2-Head With:
A-Inspection for Straightness.
B-Pressure Tested.
C-New Seals.
D-Valves Replaced as Needed.
F-Springs Replaced as Needed.
G-Guides Replaced as Needed.
H-Valves Adjusted.

3-New Gaskets & Seals as Needed.
Including the proper Head Gasket
and Valve Cover Gasket Set.

4-Accessories to include:
A-Oil Pan.(* Note * Vanagon Must Ship Your Oil Pan To Us)
B-Valve Cover.
D-Intermediate Shaft.

1.6 Above $1795.00 Mechanical

* Core Charge(s) See Below!

As an Option we can include with the Above:

1-Rebuilt Injection Pump.
2-Rebuilt Injectors.
3-Lines. (from pump to injectors)
4-Glow Plugs.
5-New Timing Belt.
6-Motor Timed and ready to start.

1.6 Above At $2495.00 Mechanical

You May Also Arrange To Pick Up Your Motor! (Credit Is $125.00)
Core Charge For Mechanical Motors IS $250.00, Hydraulic Requires A
$300 Core Charge

Note: If you do not rerurn the core motor in 30 days of shipping
or decide to keep it, the core charge will apply !

* Warrantee 12 Mo. or 20,000 Miles
Manufacture's Parts & Labor!

* Vanagon *

As For Cores We Will Need: Head, Injection Pump, Injection Pump
Mount, Valve Cover, Valve Cover Strips (hold downs)

Short Block (Vanagon) H/D *

* H/D Refers to Turbo Parts Rather Than
N/A Parts As We Have Determined That These Motors
Will Last Longer With The H/D Parts

Short Block

1-Block Painted
2-Bored .20 over.
3-Rods H/D
4-New Pistons H/D & Rings
5-New Bearings
6-New Freeze Plugs & 14mm oil galley plugs.
7-Re Man Crank H/D
8-Intermediate Shaft installed.
9-New Oil Pump (Vanagon Specific)
10-Oil Pan Vanagon (Customer Must Supply)

Above Runs ----$1495.00

$1795.00 Long Block H/D
Included Head Valves Adjusted

$2495.00 Complete H/D
1-Includes Head
2-Injection Pump
4-Glow Plugs
5-All Gears
6-Timing Belt
7-Motor Timed
8-Injection Pump Timed

Above supercedes any and all other prices!

Motors Hydraulic vs. Mechanical

From 1981 to 1992 all VW Diesel
Motors will interchange back and
forth. The fact that your motor
is a mechanical motor and you
are installing a hydraulic has
no bearing as to weather it will
fit and work. The same holds
true with mechanical to a car
that had a hydraulic motor in
it! The mechanical motors do
make a slight bit more power
but the valves should be adjusted
every 15,000 miles. The hydraulic
does not require adjusting but is
a more expensive motor.

In Most Cases We Will Have To Build Your Core Motor Then Ship It Back
Core Motors Are Very Scarce .
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