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Old Into New !


I learned the following information from several sources
and did a lot of checking before I did this Swap Myself.

The Candidate was a '92 ECOdiesel.The donor was a
'84 Quantum S/W Turbo Diesel.

The ECOdiesel had the motor severely overheated more
like "Fried" The '84 Quantum had a nice low mileage
Turbo Diesel in it that I went through and rebuilt anyway.

With the cost of the parts for the newer 1.6 Diesel Motors
late '86 to '92.A person interested in replacing the motor
for whatever reason may find this of interest.

This will work for both Turbo and Non Turbo Motors.

The availability of 1981, 1.6 Diesels up to early 1986
Diesels is still quite good. However the newer motors
are scarce at not as many Diesel Cars were imported
into this country.

The candidate for the swap need only have the Power
Steering bosses cast into the block. To check this you
need only compare where your power steering bolts
up to the "Block" if both blocks are the same here you
can go on with the Re build / Swap.

If your Newer Car is a Turbo you need to find an Older
Turbo Long Block. Quantums are great candidates as
they are somewhat available and most times priced right.

You will use all the parts off your newer motor and all
will bolt right up. To include the Turbo Intake , Exhaust ,
motor mounts everything it is amazing how compatible
the motors are.

The '86 Up Motors have several tapped bosses on the back
of the motor that will scare you. No problem not one of
these will be needed.

The '86 up Hydraulic Head is different. But you will still be able to
use the setup that comes with the newer alternator mount. If
you have a problem there send me a note and I can be more
specific. Still no real problem.
By the way the older motors are mechanical heads so the only
real concession you make is that you will have to adjust the valves
every 15,000 miles.

The idea behind this study is not to show you how to do this swap
but rather to let you know that it is easy. And much less expensive
alternative to trying to find the newer parts and be able to afford them.

Any questions please send me a note !

Questions ?

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