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Oil Usage (Excessive)

Minimum Diesel Compression is 398 psi.
That being said a good deal of VW Diesels are running arround blowing
a lot of smoke. Excessive Oil Usage in the VW is usually caused
by Worn Rings. Sometimes (very seldom) you will see bad Valve

The remedy ,of course, to the above problem is a re built motor or at
the least, a set of rings.
This is expensive and sometimes out of the question for many reasons.

I have used and can recommend a product that (provided your motor is not
too far gone) will really help cut down on the oil usage.

Stewart Warner, Alamite CD-2 15 oz. can

Most auto stores and K-Mart, Wal-Mart will carry it.
Follow directions on the can.

I use it at each Oil & Filter Change (3000 Miles) on our Jetta
that has 275,000 on the motor and our Shop Truck with 147,000
Miles. Both have shown a remarkable drop in oil usage!!

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