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Motor Installation A "Step Through"

1-Our candidate, a poor sad vintage Rabbit.

2-Itís new motor, still on the cherry picker. First we will install the transmission

3-The motor, with transmission (barely visable) being dropped in the engine bay. Note the angle of the motor. This allows the trans to clear the master cylinder. The motor is dropped down below the motor mounts, then brought back up, on first the P/S, then the D/S. This allows all to easily line up in preparation of slipping the motor mount bolts in.

4-Shows the mount, P/S, coming up, to line up.

5- At this point the motor has the P/S and D/S mounts in place, and the bolts holding them in place are secure. You may drop the chain off, and back the cherry picker away at this point. The 2 bolts will hold the motor in place, You will now be able to install the bottom (trans) mount, the C/V Joints, the exhaust clamps. Then the front mount , starter etc.

6-This is a good look at the A/C compressor being installed. First the rear socket style bolts, then the front part of the mount.

7-Here, the clutch cable is in preparation for installation. You may now begin hooking up wires and hoses. Then drop the radiator into place. Installing itís hoses.

8-Here, a lot of the wires and hoses are installed including the cold start cable.

9-Completed, cable ties in place and ready to run another 250,000 + miles at 50 + Mpgís