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Replacing a Motor?

If you are about to replace your motor. Here are some tips To ask your supplier and your mechanic!
Some things to ask:
Guarantee? Should Be something Like 12mo. or 12000 Miles.
Oil Pump. New?
Block bored .20 over ?
Charge for Change Over ? Try to agree on a flat fee rather than a per hr. charge!
Should average arround (* $250.00 Motor Swap Only * Veries!)
Additional Work Extra!!
Have Your Mechanic:
Have Him Check and replace any Motor Mounts That Are Bad. Other wise you will think you have a really rough running Motor!
Make sure he has the tools to set the timing on the Injection Pump. Specks (.86-1.01mm) (1.01mm for A/C & turbo cars)
Have The Injectors Cleaned & Checked for proper break point .Install NEW HEAT Shields. Also Fresh Fuel Filter.
After he has the motor in and running. He will have to re-torque the head.
And Re-adjust the Valves.
Have him Change the Oil & Filter Then. (Reason: Assembly Lube from a New Motor tends to Clog the Oil Filter!)
Recommend 20w-50 SJ Rated Oil. (I have a Motor w/275000 miles and use nothing but 20w-50 Winter & Summer)
Your Re-Man Motor will need a 1000 Mile service to: Re-Torque the Head,
Adj. Valves, Oil & Filter Change & General Check Over.
New Motors Make A LOT OF OIL PRESSURE (up to 115 psi cold) keep an eye on the Oil Filter .
Only use a good brand (OEM or Wix makes a good Oil Filter)
Now is also a good time to inspect and R & R the CV Joints & Boots

Things you Should Have Done.

Clutch (New) and make sure it is Adjusted Correctly.
Flywheel (check and re-surface)
Pressure Plate (Re- Man)
Throwout Bearing is in the Transmission (they seldom cause problems)
Timing Belt
Alt Belt
A/C Belt
New Hoses (all)
New Water Pump.
New Thermostat
Have A Radiator Shop Check Your Radiator ( Diesels Hate to Be Overheated)
Follow VW Recomendation for Anti-Freeze (Aluminum Safe , 50/50 Mix With Distilled Water)
The Alternators last a long time and should only need the"Voltage Regulator / Brushes" kit installed about every 80000 miles.
Note* If you have a Block Heater Installed You CANNOT Use any kind of Block, Engine Sealer (e.g. Barrs , Prestone etc.)
This List May seem Excessive. But to do a proper Motor Replacement and to skip these items may cause Unwanted Problems.
More Questions ? No problem I will do my best to answer.


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