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The 400,000 Mile Jetta Story

This story begins in mid June 1982 when my Wife took our
little red VW pickup in to have the Oil Changed at the local
VW Dealer.

As she waited for the pick up to be finished she stopped
by the showroom floor and what to her eyes delight did
she see on the "floor" but a pretty blue New 1982 Jetta
Diesel. Long story short the pickup stayed the Jetta came

At that time my Wife was driving 192 miles per day. (today
she only drives 124 per day) So the Story begins. And to let
you in on a little of the ending. This Very Same Car still goes
to work 3 days (gets a little rest now) a week.

Now I will share with you some of the Repairs & Parts that went
into keeping this car so long. By the Way the car is still Very Nice
no rust and the interior is near perfect.

Tires on the 7 set.
Hoses 4 th. set.
Belts 7 th set.
Struts on the 3 rd set.
Rear Shocks 2 nd set.
Brake Pads on the 3 rd set front , 2 nd set rear.
Heater Core 2 nd one.
Alternator 2 nd one.
Injection Pump 2 nd one.
Motor 2nd one (first lasted 146,000 -Long Story)
A/C Charged Once (heater core R&R)
Hood 2 nd one (deer incident)
Paint Original Never Painted (except hood)
Injectors Original
Radiator Original
Transmission Original (change oil 80w - 90 every 100,000)

Oil & Filter every 3000 miles
Fuel Filter every 7500 (ATF Every 3 rd fillup)
Air Filter every 12,000 miles
Valve Adjustment every 15,000 miles
Coolant W / Distilled Water & T/Stat every year.
Brake Fluid each year.
Belts every other year
Hoses every 3 rd. year
Timing belt every 2 nd year
Front end align every year
Wash every week
Wax once a month

Highway still gets 48 mpg's.
Uses about 1/2 qt. oil between 3000 mile changes.

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