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Setting Injection Pump Timing

You must check the injection pump timing after you Replace the Pump.
Also if troubleshooting fails to detect any other cause for poor

Before you adjust the timing make sure that the timing belt is good and
is accurately installed !

A Metric Dial Indicator Or American Dial Indicator may be used.

Above Adapter Can Be Used With Your American "In." Dial Indicator
To Check/Set Timing! Available For Sale Or Rent.

To Adjust:
1- Make sure that the cold start cable is correctly installed & adjusted
and that it is pushed In. IMPORTANT !

2- Hand turn the crank over to top dead center (TDC) looking at the
pointer by the flywheel. (Valve cover off , first two cam lobes facing up)

3- Remove the Timing - Check Plug- from the Injection Pump and
install the dial indicator to a screwed in depth of 3.00mm. -0.117in-
(still at TDC )

4- Use a wrench to turn the crankshaft bolt (17 of 19mm)counterclockwise
till the dial indicator stops moving! Then Re-Set the dial indicator to 1.00mm -0.039in-

5- At 1.00mm -0.039in- then "zero" the gauge!

Example Of The Gauge "Zero'ed" As It Came From The Box

6- Now you must loosen all 4 bolts holding the Pump . Leave at least
one bolt snug.

7- Hand turn the motor (with crank bolt) clockwise, back to TDC, to see if the pump is
within tolerance. It will be if it reads -Between .86-1.00mm. -0.033 to

Example Of The Gauge "Zero'ed" at 0.039

8- If the pump timing needs to be adjusted Rotate the Injection Pump
back and forth just a little. You will see the dial indicator move. Set
the pump to .86mm -0.033in- for best mileage or to 1.00mm -0.039- for
A/C cars and Turbo's.

9- Lock the pump bolts back down making sure the timing does not change!

10- Replace removed parts and Valve cover with a New Gasket.

*Note- Be careful turning the Motor Counterclockwise (Back) if you
should loosen the crank bolt bad things can happen. If you do loosen the
bolt you are supposed to replace it and toque to specks

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Exploded View Of 80's Era I/Pump

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