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Glow Plug Installation Made Easy

Here is how we do the glow plug change in our shop.
Job takes less than 1 hr. start to finish.

Torque Wrench
Magnetic Pick up Tool
27 mm Deep Socket (thin)
17 mm Wrench
12mm Deep Socket & Extensions 3/8 Drive
5/16" Long Handle Wrench
12mm Long Handle Wrench

2-Heat Shields
Teflon Paste
Anti Seize

1-Remove the Injector Lines at Pump & Injectors.
2-Remove (left to right behind the Injection Pump) # 1 & #2 Injectors.
3-Remove The Heat Shields Under the Two Injectors you Removed.
4-Remove the 5/16 nuts off the Glow Plug Buss Bar (Work With
the Magnetic pick up here)
5-Remove Buss Bar.
6-Remove the # 4 & #3 Glow Plugs with 12mm Socket etc.
7-Remove the #1 & #2 Glow Plug with 12mm Wrench -Box End-
(Work With the Magnetic pick up here also)
8- Put Teflon Paste on all 4 New Glow Plugs.
9-Install (Work With the Magnetic pick up to drop
the hard to reach glow plug down to the hole)
then Torque the Glow Plugs to 15 lb's (I know but do
the best you can)
10-Install the Buss Bar & 5/16" nuts (p.s. I know they are metric
but 5/16" long handle wrench works and in much easier to find
and buy -Sears-)
11-Install NEW HEAT SHIELDS before you install the Injectors.
12-Install the Injectors (use anti seize) and torque to 55-58 lbs.
13-Reinstall the Injection Pump Lines and tighten snugly.
You can check for leaks after the motor is running , re tighten.
14-Crank motor till it starts .The Injection Pump is Self Priming
and the motor will start after a bit of cranking
15-Check for leaks.


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