Add-A-Link Thread

A collection of hyperlinks to a variety of information and resources about VW vehicles and VW diesels in particular
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Add-A-Link Thread

Post by admin » Fri Jan 23, 2004 11:52 pm

To submit a web site or page to be considered for addition the the "WWW Links" forum pages, simply reply to this thread with the complete and correct URL. A brief description of the site would be helpful, and would perhaps take a bit of load off of our new moderators.

Remember that the forum doesn't display links to sites that sell tools, parts, or services which compete with those offered through Jack's main site VW Diesel Parts. Such links will not be considered for inclusion.

Links to sites that include technical information, photos galleries of VW vehicles, VW-related forums and bulletin boards, or other interesting or useful VW and VW diesel-related sites are welcome.

The personal web pages of users here at the forum are also welcome, as long as they contain some content that is VW specific, and will be posted in the "Members Pages" forum.

After submitting a link by replying in this thread, one of us will follow the link address to make sure it's valid, and to ascertain whether it's content is appropriate for the links thread. At that time, the reply post will be removed from this thread to keep things tidy.

Guests: Please be sure to include an e-mail address in the reply, or contact one of the moderators so that we can contact you in case we have questions about the link you submit (like if it doesn't work or something).

As an added touch, we'll include a nice "submitted by" with your username on any links you submit that we include.

Let's make this page a "Destination" by filling it up with the best possible information!


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Post by Brit101 » Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:27 pm

Great site for anything VW, forums galore on every VW interest, from each engine to each model of car ever built. From bodywork to detailing.


Nothing compares to this forum for keeping the old diesels running though for DIY's like us.


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Everyone knows this place :D It's Diesel Heaven!! :D

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Links for Caddy, VW Diesels and carpet and door panels

Post by cleoo » Wed May 17, 2006 1:03 pm

Has some diesel caddy / rabbit pickup info.

Another good diesel website for Volkswagens
Carpet and Door Panels for Rabbits

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my personal web page

Post by dieseltdi » Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:04 pm
About my diesel vehicles, biodiesel production and rebuilding of my 82 diesel Westfalia.
Proud owner of:
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel
1982 Jetta Coupe with Euro GTD engine and badging - FOR SALE
2015 Jetta TDI SE
Fully restored 1968 VW beetle
And many, many, many VWs; from a 1947 Beetle (11 Beetles total), to Vans (5 - 3 splitties, 2 bay window), Rabbits (3),Karmen Ghia (1), Jettas (5), Passats (2), Dasher (1), New Beetle (1),and Rabbit Pickups (3), most now gone but not forgotten.

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