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Emergency Brake Repair

Emergency Brake Cables & Winter!!
Winter is such a great time shoveling snow,driving in freezing rain. Fun,Fun, Fun.

Speaking of driving in freezing rain. A customer called the other day to ask why
after leaving his car out all night with the Emergency brake off, then starting the
car to warm it and pulling on the Emergency Brake the Brakes locked up

What happens to Rabbits, Jetta's , and other cars is. There are two Hangers under
the car that look like hooks. These hangers,after some time,wear a hole in the
outer cable housing. This allows water to march right up the cable and run inside.
In the summer No problem (cables are galvinized steel & plastic coated) but
Winter Aha a different problem. That water inside freezes and boom you rear
brakes are stuck on. Neat Huh! Do Not Drive the Car Far with this condition.

If you can get home and want to do the repair yourself (it's easy and in some
cases free) Here's what to do.

1-Remove Both Brake Cables (Quantum & Like Vehicles Have One Long Cable)
clean the outside of the cable with Thinner or a spray brake cleaner.
2-You have to now determine if the Cable(s) is still good. It will be obivious.
3-If you have to you can get a new cable(s) from your local dealer.
4-If you find holes rubbed in the cable but otherwise they look good you can
procede to R&R them.
5-Hang the cable from a sutible wall space (in your shop I don't want your Wife on
me about this) Spray the inside of the cable real good (till it comes out the other
end) with a spray fast dry cleaner. Then work the cable inside wire up & down
several times. It may still feel sticky. You can fix that.
6- Next when you have the outside of the cable good and clean you can wrap the
wear hole with several layers of electrical ( good quality vinyl) tape. This will
insure that the water stays out..
7-You want to lube the inside of the cables next. The Best,Best method is to use
powered graphite at the top of the cable ( you do still have it hanging don't you?)
then spray WD-40 on top of the graphite to act as a carrier to push it on down the
cable tube. Do this Twice and work the cable up and down in between .
8-If possible leave hang for 1 hr. Then Reasemble.
9-Go through the Emergency brake adjustment as per the manual.
10- Should last for a couple of years.

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