For The "Do-It-Your-Self-Person"

For the home mechanic who would enjoy the challenge of assembling his/her own motor.

All parts may be shipped UPS

We offer:

1-Block, inspected, cleaned, bored and honed ready for pistons.
a-With 14 mm oil plugs and freeze plugs installed.
2-Crank, inspected, cleaned and polished.
3-Pistons w/rings, .20 over.
4-Rods, inspected, checked, cleaned.
5-Main & Rod Bearings.
6-Intermediate shaft, carrier, seal & O ring.

Head - Ready to build.

1-Cleaned, inspected, pressured tested.
2-Valves & guided replaced as required.
3-Valve job done.
4-Springs, retainers, keepers, valve seals, cam seal.
5-Cam & cam seal.

Gaskets included , complete set, excluding the head
gasket. Head gasket may be ordered separately, after
piston projection (new pistons) has been done. You will
then need either a 1, 2 or 3 notch gasket.

Above Non Turbo At $1295.00

Turbo Kit at $14950.00 Must Have Good Turbo (no subs.) Core Parts

Short Block (no head) Kit $995.00

UPS Shipping Additional

Plus your core parts.

* Note * Shipping - Return Core Parts, At Customer Expense

Tech Help Always Available !

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