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Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement does require removal of the Transmission. But This is not that hard of a job. Read On:
1- Support the Motor with, Block, brick, stand (something safe) .
2- Unbolt the C V Joints at the Transmission.
3- Loosen the Clutch cable then remove clip and assorted other parts and slip the cable end off trans. Remove the Speedometer Cable and any wiring to the Transmission Backup light switch.
4- Now all that in left is 6 bolts to remove and the trans will come off. Pay attention as there is a small inspection cover near the bottom to remove. (* You can now carefully slide the transmission free.)
5- The clutch can now be accessed.
6- Remove the retainer clip by popping it off with the end of a screwdriver. As you remove the rest of the parts pay attention as the re-assembly will be the reverse order.
7- You will need to remove the bolts on the end of the Crank.
8- These must be cleaned ant re-assembled with Locktight 270 or 271 and the torque crisscross pattern to 55 lbs.

Note: On the subject of cleanliness need I mention you must not get dirt, grease, any junk on the parts going back together (i.e. Flywheel-Clutch disk-pressure plate.)

9- My recommendation as to parts replacement. Buy a complete set of replacement parts from a reputable source.
10- PARTS: Pressure Plate - Flywheel - Clutch Disk. and from the same source a Clutch Centering Tool ( small plastic disk and the parts source will explain how to use )

I have used Re-manufactured Clutches in the past and am not thrilled with them. Your best bet is a NEW OEM Clutch Disk.

11- Re-assembly is the reverse.
11a-Use a cleaner on the flywheel and pressure plate surface to remove any coating the machine shop may have put on the parts to prevent rust.
12- Job should run from 3-4 hrs. and is not hard.
13- Clutch adjustment is 7/8" free play at the Pedal.
14- Take a good look at your clutch cable as this is the perfect time to replace or at least clean and lube with powered graphite (tube type).
15- Parts can run anywhere from $49.00 Clutch Disk only. To $105.00 for Set (Clutch, Pressure Plate, Alignment Tool)

A- Break your new Clutch in gently. Don't sit at traffic lights with the car in Gear and the clutch depressed (wears out the throw out bearing)

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