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State Of Ohio Disclosure Information


Customer Refund Policy & Motor Warranty

All returns must be sent back with in 30
days of ordering. Items sent back after 30 days will
be returned at customer expense . Your original, or
copy of the invoice must be included with the item.
See below for more return and warranty info, as well
as RA # required for returns. Shipping amount in not
refundable !

No Returns On Used Parts !

** NOTE **
12 Mo or 12, 000 miles Warranty Is To The Original Purchaser Of Any Motor, And Or Parts Only. Once The Motor, And Or Parts,
Changes Hands, The Warranty Is Null And Void !

Product or Parts Returned:
1-Customer Did Not Want
2-Customer Ordered Wrong Parts
3-Customer Changed Mind

Cash Refund Less 15 % Restocking Fee or Full Amount
if Customer Prefers A Credit To Be Used Later!

Product Returned Because We Sent Wrong Part:

Replace Part Or Full Refund Or Credit (as preferred)

Product Returned Because Defective:

Replace Part Or Full Refund Or Credit (as preferred)

No Returns On Electrical Items !

There is a 15 % charge for any motor orders submitted, then canceled. This, because, we incur expenses with our machine shop as soon as we process the order !

Special Order Items

Special Order Items Must Be Paid For In Advance Of Ordering.
As Many Of These Items We Do Not Carry
No Refunds Will Be Given Unless The Order Is
Not Shipped Then A 15 % Re Stocking Fee Is Charged
No Exceptions !

Kit Motors

No Returns On "kit' Motors After Any Assembly Has Started.
Priory To Assembly A 25 % Re Stocking Fee Will Apply

* NOTE* RA Number

Returns, require a "RA", return authorization number !

Please call 937-544-2444, or E-Mail jack@vwdieselparts.com
for the number. If merchandise is returned, with out the
number, it can get mixed with incoming parts shipments,
proper credit is not given.

Re Manufactured Motors
12 mo. or 12, 000 miles, From Shipping Date, Limited to Manufacture
of Parts Warranty and Labor

Warranty Void If Motor Used In A Commercial Application.
Example In A Fork Lift, Tractor, Boat, Or Any Other Application
Other Than The Original, VW OEM Intended, Car Application
Warranty Void As Well, if any agreed upon funds remains due !

Warranty covers all the motor parts used in the build as well
as any defect in same.

* Warranty,12 Mo.or 12, 000 miles for the sake of continuity,
will begin on the date we ship the motor. This is a date we can control, we are not
able to control the date you receive the motor, or the installation date.

Note On Core Returns For Motors
We must have all core motor / parts back with in 30 days or
you will be charged the core charge and we reserve the right
to cancel your 12 mo or 12, 000 miles warranty. Core's are very important to us
and must be returned in a timely manner !

If you feel you have a warranty issue, please do not disassemble
the motor with out written permission from us. To do so Will
Void your Warranty !

Motor Orders - Deposits And Refunds

Placing an Order Requires A $100.00 Deposit
Bal due is 50 % at time the build begins, then
bal due at shipping, or pick up .

Cancelation Of A Motor Order After The Order Has Been
Processed And The Deposit Has Been Taken, Will Constitute
Forfeiture Of Your Deposit Due To Shop Labor Incurred As
Well As Machine Shop Fees Incurred .

If you place a order and the motor has been built,
ready to ship, then you cancel the refund is less
25 % of your funds paid. This for cost of labor, machine
work done, and paid for parts purchased not normally
stocked, as well as items we can not re use, or return.
No Exceptions.

Overheating !

Overheating, head gasket failure, cracked block or head, is not covered
due to the nature of the problem, as we are not able to control the
parts (cooling system, radiator, water pump, fan sensor, heater core etc.)
that may have lead to the failure, and or the preventive maintaince
required to prevent this from occurring. It is the customers responsibility
to have a cooling system that is up to par, and maintain same !

Oil Leaks

Oil Leaks . Warranty Is Limited To Parts Only.
If A Oil Leak Is Noted, Or Develops With In
The 12 Mo or 12, 000 miles Warranty, We Do Offer The Failed
Part Replacement Only. Labor Charges Are Not
Covered !

Oil & Coolant Level Re Man Motor

During the warranty period it is the customers responsibility
to keep a close eye on the oil level, and coolant level. Low
oil can result in bearing damage, with motor failure. If an oil
leak should develop it must be repaired immediately. The
same pertains to the coolant system. Coolant must be
maintained at the proper level or overheating and motor
damage will occur.

No warranty will apply if the motor is damaged due to oil
or coolant neglect.

Cracked Blocks

We guarantee the block to be good at time of shipping,
and start up. However, we do not guarantee the block from
either internal, or external cracks due to
freeze up from, no, or insufficient anti freeze.
And or any other reasons such as casting defects that
can show up later !

Blocks do not "just crack" later on, if
the block is good at time of delivery,
and start up, the block would be deemed
good. If shown that a defective piston,
or other motor part, caused the crack,
this would be covered by warranty.

Cracked Head

We guarantee the head to be good, and free of
defects at the time of sale.

Each head is pressure tested to insure it is sound,
as well as all injectors holes are inspected, a injector
is threaded in to each hole, then torqued to its (55-58lbs)
correct value. The same applies to the glow (14-18 lbs)
plug holes. Everything that requires inspecting is done
prior to our installing a head on a block, the same for
the sold outright heads.

If a complete motor is sold (we installed
the glow plugs, and injectors), the coverage
is full, and for the 12 mo or 12, 000 miles period. If a long
block is sold (customer, or shop installs the
glow plugs and injectors), the warranty does not
cover cracks, in, at, or around the glow plugs, or
injectors ! Using the incorrect tool, or excessive
torque will crack, strip, or ruin the head !

The same applies to heads sold outright
cracks are not covered as we have no
control over how the head is handled
once it leaves our shop.

There are no exceptions to the above..


If a motor is returned due to overheating, and the problem is
found to be not a parts failure, the owner (customer) will be
responsible for the labor as to tear down, and re build as well
as parts required.

* Labor Expenses *

Any and all labor charges to install a motor,
or part, are entirely the expense of the customer.
As well as any parts required, but not supplied by us,
and deemed necessary by the installing shop
and agreed to by the customer.

Valve adjustments must be done after the first start
up (initial setting is just to get the motor running) and
checked and adjusted every 15,000 miles. This is a
owner expense ...

The same applies to a part that must be returned
for warranty reasons. We will repair or replace
the part at our discretion, but do not pay labor
expenses for removal or re installation.

Oil Pressure Related Failure

Low Oil Pressure ? Click Here

Covered is the Oil Pump itself. If suspected, you must
send it to us for testing. We have a test bench, if found
to be at fault, we will replace it with a new pump.

Other oil pressure related problems are not covered due
to the nature of the problem. We can not control the oil
used, oil change intervals, oil filters used (we have known
cheap oil filters to shed the material to the system), as
well as any debris that may have entered the system through
the oil filler hole or by other means.

Timing Belt / Initial Set Up -Internal Damage

Timing belt maintenance, adjustment, and replacement are
strictly up to the customer. We can not warranty any
damage done by timing belts, either on the complete
motor, or the long block. Belt miss adjustment, or failure,
can do a great deal of damage.
New motors, are of course
not shipped with internal damage. Any internal damage done
must be assumed done by shop, or customer set up.

Oil changes, and failure to check, and maintain the correct
level is a condition we can not control. The motor can be
severely damaged by too low an oil level, or to long between
oil changes. Customer is responsible for the initial oil fill,
as well as all changes, and maintaining the correct level.
See your tag that comes with your re built motor for the

Injection Pump (Both 1.6 And TDI) Warranty

Sold separate, or installed on our re built motors.

(*Note* Once sold, injection pumps may not be returned
for a refund, only for repair / replacement. Even if in the
- under some circumstances, we may offer a credit, less the 15 % re
stocking fee, but only for very hard to get pumps, again no cash or credit
card refunds - original unopened package !)

You must install a new fuel filter at time of installation
as well as each 7500 miles while the pump is under
warranty. Receipts must be provided.

The injection pump (both 1.6 and TDI's) are warranted for 12 months,
unlimited miles. You must return it with in the
allotted time for repairs, should the need arise.

If the pump is found to be tampered with, seals
broken, adjustments made, modifications etc., other
than idle, the warranty is void. If the internals of the
pump are found to contain foreign matter (crud from
your fuel system), the warranty is also void.

If the injection pump is ruined due to the timing belt being
over tensioned (this will take out the shaft bearings and internals)
the pump warranty is void!

If a kit motor is purchased the waranty is strickly parts only.

If the part caused the problem, the work (parts and labor, our shop for labor only), is
covered by the 12 mo. warranty.

"Customer Commissioned Builds"

These are motors we build, that are shipped
to us by customers, in lieu of purchasing a
"exchange motor" . Essentially we build
your old core motor, then ship it back to
you. No core charge is required or incurred.


Motor Block & Heads Are Inspected Prior To The
Builds. All Precautions Are Taken To Make Sure The
Motor and Associated Parts Supplied To Us, Are Good
To Re Build. We Do Not, However, Warranty The "Soundness"
Of The Motor Past The Initial Build ......... That Is, If Any
Parts Are Later Found To Be Internally (cracks etc.) Bad We Will
Not Assume Responsibility For Same, As These Are Parts Supplied
To Us By The Customer, Not Our Own Selected Parts.

Sometimes these motors are damaged beyond
the "normal" rebuild and will require additional
parts (i.e camshaft, extensive head repair etc.),
if this is the case, we will notify your prior to any
work being done.or parts purchased .

In the case where one of these "Customer Commissioned
Builds" builds is not paid for in a timely (we explain that all
at the time we first agree to the build) fashion, we then send
you a check for what we pay for "core motors" then the motor
is sold to cover expenses and profit.

VW Diesel Parts

Tool Warranty

All Tools are warranty to be free of defects
at time of sale. If a tool is found to be
defective, we will replace (no refunds), or
repair the tool, at our desecration.

* Note * Shipping Charges Are Not Refundable

Warranty Work

Any warranty work must be approved
in advance. We generally do not pay
other shops to do work. We, in most
cases, must have the part returned to
us, to be inspected, then repaired as

We can not control the quality of the
work at other shops, nor can we control
the labor rate.

In some cases, we will "work out", a repair
with a customers shop. However, we must be
apprised of the entire job, cost etc. in
advance, then agree to it.

VW Diesel Parts

All Warranty's, Motors Or Parts, Are Parts Replacement, Or Repair, At Our Discretion, No Refunds.

*Note* Warranty is limited to the failed part, the part, only the failed part, is to be returned. i.e. bad crank, send only the crank etc.
Ship only the failed part, parts that require disassembly are charged at the rate of $55.00 per hr.

Download Warranty Form For Returns

A Note On Bio-Diesel Or Vegetable Oil

We, as well as our injection pump re builder WILL NOT
warranty our motor, injection pump, or any associated
part of same, if any Bio-Diesel Or Vegetable Oil product
is used for fuel. The motors, injection pumps and associated
parts are designed to be run on what the motor was engineered
by VW for, Diesel Fuel. Run other that Diesel Fuel, and your
run the risk of damage.

No Warranty coverage if other that Diesel Fuel is used !

Heads, Injectors, Injection Pumps, Turbo's
Warranty Is 12 Months, And Is Replacement Of Like Item!


VW Diesel Parts

* Used Parts Warrantee *

30 Days

Limited to replacement of like item, or refund, if we do not have a replacement part.

Core Charge Information

We do not charge a core charge, however we do need all
core's returned in a timely manner. 30 days from date of
shipping your motor, or parts. No exceptions, without prior
contact, and our issuing an extension.

In the case were a core charge is required due to a purchased
part, from a supplier, we require the core back with in 30 days (No Exceptions),
for a credit, or refund to be issued !

Good core are extremely important to keep our business going !

It is the responsibility of the customer to return any, and all core's we request
in the course of a sale. The customer must pay shipping.

We reserve the right to charge your credit card, or invoice
you, for the appropriate amount (see below), if you decide
to retain the core's, or the cores are damaged to the point
they can not be re built. Or they (core) is not of "like"
(same as) the one we shipped.

Heads Mechanical ===$250.00 ea.
Heads TDI =========$250.00 ea
Heads Hydraulic =====$250.00 ea.
Crank ========$75.00 ea.
4 Rods =======$ 150.00 (4)
Heads Turbo===$250.00 ea.
Turbochargers ==$250.00 ea.
Block Complete===$275.00 ea.
Block's TDI ======$350.00
Block Complete Turbo $275.00 ea.
Injection Pumps ==$100.00 ea.
Injection Pumps Turbo ==$150.00 ea.
Vanagon Pumps =$150.00 ea.
Vanagon Oil Pan =======$300.00 ea.
Injectors =======$15.00 ea.

Core's must be in like condition to the part
you receive, i.e. a turbo head requires a
turbo core, injection pumps the same and so
on. We reserve the right to reject
cores because of condition, incomplete etc.

* Note * If the core part in question is not returned with in 30 days of shipping your replacement item, the core charge will be applied. At that point if the customers part is returned, after the 30 days, we simply return the part.

Installed Parts !
Any and all parts removed from packaging and
installed on a motor will be considered :

Used Parts.

We can not resell parts that have been installed,
and or handled, as new parts. We do not take back
installed parts for this reason.

* Invoice Note *

Refunds as stated on your invoice, may be "cash", check, card reimbursement, and or a credit, to be used later. This in accordance with the condition (must be in original box, clean, and re sell able as new) of the returned parts.

Broken parts will be returned to customer, no credit will be issued in this case !

No Exceptions !

New Shop & Office Construction Begun 09/26/00
Completed 12/20/00

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