With the fuel situation as it is a lot of folks are fixing
up there VW Diesels to save on fuel and to put in service
as a second car.

We are beginning to hear “horror” stories about repair
work going badly, shops doing work (a lot of shops will
work on the VW Diesel, but have no idea how to do so,
getting in over there heads) charging exorbitant amounts
and the cars are still not running ! Some have paid 2 &
3 times what we charge for a motor and still are “in the
shop to get it right” !

If you need help, parts, a motor, please let us know, we
will be able to get the correct part, send you tech help
(we have an extensive library of pictures, drawings and
diagrams) of just point you in the right direction.

We are happy to say we have Not raised our prices, are
simply running a bit behind just now.


Jack Ewald
VW Diesel Parts

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1.6 Motor Specifications