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After listening to a customer complain about her brakes chattering not long after a complete brake job (6500 miles)
I thought I would pass on a few Tips:
1- When doing a complete Brake job. Either Front or Rear or Both.
2- You need to follow a few simple rules!
3- Have ALL The parts you need at hand before starting.
4- Dot 3 or 4 but NOT --- NOT Silicone Brake Fluid. Leave that to the Aircraft Industry.
5- Also some Anti-chatter Paste for the back of the FRONT PADS.
6- An assistant to help bleed the Brakes.
7- If you are doing the rear brakes inspect before hand in case you should need springs, pins,cups etc. That way you can order a kit to have on hand.
8- Also for rear. Wheel bearing grease to re-pack the rear bearings.
9- It goes without saying the Correct Pads and or Shoes for your application.
I am not going to go into a complete Brake job now (if you need help send me a note and I will help you through to process) but I am going to pass on what causes Chatter. Even on recent Brake Jobs!!!

1- Missing anti rattle clips.
2- Not using the anti-rattle Paste on the BACK of the pads (follow the instructions on the tube)
3- If you have Replaced (or had it done) The Rotors (disc's) and all else fails to come up with what is causing the Chatter. Here is what so many installers forget to do.
4- The Rotors need to be scuffed up in crosshatch pattern ( using a drill and med. to course paper on a pad) Both Sides.
5- Then after all work is finished you need to make 20-25 medium pressure stops from 25-30 MPH ( use a empty part of a shopping mall) This is called "Burnishing in the Brakes" This is quite important with Semi-Metalic Pads.
6- It will take between 200-300 miles before you Full Braking Power.

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