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Tips For Using Automatic Transmission Fluid In The Diesel.

Automatic Transmission Fluid is a Wonderful Detergent Cleaner.

Used in the Fuel Tank about every (3 rd) Fill up it will:
1- Clean the Injectors. Making for a Smoother Idle and better Fuel Economy.
2- Clean and lubricate the Injection Pump.
*Note*A Diesel can run on straight A.T.F as it's fuel. But would be too expensive.

When changing your Fuel Filter. Fill the Filter as full as you can with A.T.F
This way you won't run out of fuel as your motor is repriming itself thereby stalling.
This also gives the pump and injectors a shot of straight clensing A.T.F.

Note: A bit of controversity has arisen, being that since ATF was Reformulated
10 or so years ago that you should not use it in the VW Motor.
I have NEVER Had One Problem and have one Injection Pump with
345,000 Miles. Also ATF helped my customers weather the low Sulpher
problem of 2 years back.

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